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On Wednesday I got PIERCED! I am still in awe and can not believe that I got it done. For the longest I have been talking about getting my nose pierced; either my nostril or septum. But after showing and telling some friends and family members about it they disagreed with the septum one… But I never got the courage to just go and get the nostril done. I always had the perfect excuse for not getting it (“Ohhhh, not today”…”Maybe tomorrow”…”When my skin clears up”…”I will get it when no one is with me”…”I swear I will get it next month”…”It is too expensive for just a piercing”) those are just a few of excuses that I used but you get the picture!

So on this day (Wednesday) my last day of school for before the winter break my friend/classmate told me that she finally had the perfect “unique” birthday gift for me. She called it “unique” because since my birthday she has been saying that she does not know what to get me and I kept on telling her “Be unique”…. This was her way of “BEING UNIQUE”! When she first told me the plan I just laughed it away and did not take her serious. But then we went to the city of Rotterdam and walked around. After walking for a while I noticed that we arrived at a tattoo and piercing store. (Shocked) Walked in and she then asked me which kind of jewellery am I getting. For about 10 minutes we went back and forth about me getting it and finally I took the pen to fill out the form.

After I filled out the form the piercing lady showed my options for jewellery. [There was no GOLD] I only wanted something gold because I do not wear silver accessories. But after she went to look she noticed that just the day before they got in some new gold studs! (GREAT, that was my choice)  I then also chose to get it done on my left side because that is my good side 😉 Everything seemed like it was meant to be, she also told us that on that day it was half price they had a special! It being half price and the fact that she found the gold stud was a sign! IT WAS MEANT TO BE!! This all happened at Queen of Rings in Rotterdam.

To explain the process of getting the piercing in I think it is best that you check out a video on YouTube for a visual explanation. However, I must say it is very quick and does not hurt much. About a 3/4 out of 10. Only one tear fell from my left eye and it bled a little but nothing much to be alarmed about.

Two items that I am using to clean the area twice a day is sea salt and anti-bacterial soap. These were recommend by the piercing lady as well as from different sources. Below I added a picture that shows you how I look with the piercing. I really am happy with how it looks and looking forward to talking a lot of pictures showing off my new piercing.

What do you thing about it? Do you also have any piercings or are you also thinking about getting soon?


“If I can do it you can too!”