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Five days later but better late then never, I am here to share with you some pictures of my Christmas this year. Ever since I moved to the Netherlands Christmas has been very different. I do not have that super excited feeling during the festive time nor do I have feel to celebrate Christmas in general. Back home I really had the feeling because every store smelled like christmas trees, you could see the ham and turkey in the freezers, people rushing to get new church outfits, going to church with family and then having breakfast and lunch together. (Those days….) However, back to reality! In the Netherlands it is a different vibe. Here I usually get together with family and have dinner together.

This year I did just that, had a very late breakfast at home and then prepared to go by family to have dinner. It was a lot of fun because this year we had “secret santa”. I also took the time to get everyone gifts because it is the season of giving. We had food for days but most important everyone was together to celebrate Christmas.

What I got: the Giorgio Armani Si perfume set and I got myself the Prada Candy perfume FINALLY. I love these two perfumes and have been wanting them for the longest of time so I am very happy that I finally got them. Since then I told myself that I am starting a high-end perfume collection and can not wait to get my hand on some other ones I am eyeing.

What did you do on your Christmas day? Did you get items on your wish-list?

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Made it to Curaçao.

Hi there,

Finally I am able to make a blog post…

Since arriving here I have been up and down, round and round! Busy with my family and friends.

I arrived safely in Curaçao, last week Thursday. My flight was scheduled to leave Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 10:00 a.m. however, it was delayed by about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The airline I flew here with was KLM and like always I loved flying with them. The flight was smooth and the service onboard was perfect as usual.


Photo before leaving the Netherlands…

After passing through all the security checks I made my way to look around and then decided to get something from Starbucks. The chia tea latte was the perfect combination to go along with two homemade sandwiches I brought along.

Some pictures of shops pass the security points…



The one thing when traveling with KLM is that you do not have to worry about being hungry or thirsty. They are always coming around with water, snacks and meals to keep you contented and hydrated. I took some pictures of my snacks and meals.

After being in the air we first got some nuts and water as an ‘Arrival Snack’, then after departure my 1st meal choice was the Pasta Arrabbiata! (I enjoyed it)  Later on we got a ‘Movie Snack’ it was ice-cream and water. (Who doesn’t like ice-cream?) Then the 2nd meal before landing was a light hot meal called Bella Italia. (Yummy) I was super happy with the meal selection and the quality of the food. I must add to it that the presentation of each tray is very fitting to the KLM house-style.


IMG_5618  IMG_5622IMG_5623

I also love the fact that you can track the flight and see your exact location. The picture below was taken when the airplane was close to arriving in Curaçao.


The feeling of landing in Curaçao is always great, flying over the smashing blue waves and colourful houses is an incredible feeling. This island is one of my many homes away from home, so I am grateful that I can spend a few days with family and friends here on Curaçao.

On the airport present to pick me up was my Aunt along with my Mother. My mother was also ‘toevallig’ by chance also here on a business trip and was able to see me arrive as well. It is a great feeling to be here! I will be collecting some video footage along with picture of the island and sharing that.


Curaçao International Airport (Hato)


A short Vlog will be on my YouTube channel by tomorrow.

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Love always,