Let’s Talk Skin Care!

If you have been following me or know me for a while you know that I have been struggling with skin issues for the longest of time. I have had so many ups and downs with my skin, not only with acne and hyper-pigmentation on my face but chest and back. It is so annoying and definitely lowered my self-esteem.

I think these issues all started right when I started to get my menstruation because of all the hormonal changes. My dermatologist at the time recommended me to go on “the pill”, one that is recommended for people with skin issues like myself. So of course I did! After some time when I was a bit younger on the pill it got so much better, my skin started to clear up.

But before actually going on the pill I did use acne specific skincare brands like ProActive, Neutrogena and others and nothing seemed to really help. Most skincare brands and topical treatments don’t always work if it something affecting you on the inside which in my case was a hormonal problem.

Fast forwarding to about two years ago I got the Implanon placed into my arm and for people struggling with acne this is a big NO NO! Implanon it is a tiny implant and rod like looking thing that is about the size of a matchstick which goes into your arm. It is also another form of birth control but if you are struggling with acne I would advice you to never ever get this form of birth control because it made my skin get worst. Hyper pigmentation was so much darker and acne was popping up all the time. URGHHH.

However, fast forward to what is really helping my skin currently is that I am back on “the pill” one with the right hormones that are perfect for those suffering with acne, I got a facial and a herbal peel done last year (I actually want to get one in about March/April), using toners, masks and sunscreen more frequently. My skin has been reverting back to normal and seems to be loving my current routine.

One mask that I have been loving lately is the LUSH – Cupcake Face Mask. This mask is dedicated to those that have oily and troubled skin. & is perfect if you want to mattify your skin. Cupcake has to be stored in the fridge for the magic to work. Below I have a detailed look of how it looks once applied onto the skin. The cupcake mask has an amazing smell like chocolate very yummy.

Did you also struggle with skin issues? What ways do you rejuvenate your skin? 



LUSH – On Skin Detailed – Cupcake Face Mask

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