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Party Over Hair | Event

Party Over Hair is happening exactly one month from day! On Saturday, November 7th MyBlackHair.NL is organising this awesome event celebrating women who are OBSESSED with their hair & beauty! So no matter your hair type or style – curly, kinky, transitioning, weaved, relaxed, braided, straightened, bald or even confused is invited 🙂 I find the name of the event to be so uniquely cute, the use of the word ‘hair’ instead of ‘here’ is perfect and of course catchy. The ‘Party Over Hair’ all takes places at ‘Het Sieraad’ in Amsterdam and the doors will be opening at 12:00 until 19:00.

It will be a day full of getting to know different products and items along with workshops given by some big names on social media. Kleurmoi known for her make-up tips and exquisite makeup and Ashlee Jenelle  who will be sharing tips & tricks about fashion and appearance. Cantu, Motions and Kera Care shall also be having pop-up salons where we can get to know more about our hair as well as the products they have to offer. So I think it is fair enough to say that we can conclude that this day will NOT be one that you wanna miss!! 

Purchase your tickets HERE!!!

What I am looking forward to at Party Over Hair:

  • Attending Kleurmoi’s Workshop!
  • Checking out Ametis’s products for hyper-pigmentation!
  • Buying new products to try out!
  • & Getting inspired!

Later on that night I also have another event to attend. The Dutch Caribbean Pearl Gala Award 2015, I was nominated for the category of ‘achieving/outstanding’ Student from the Dutch Caribbean. I am honoured to be selected and very much looking forward it! If there is voting for the Dutch Caribbean Pearl Gala I will share it on my Facebook Page (so you can vote for me). It is going to be a day full great opportunities and new experiences so I will be vlogging, taking pictures & writing a blog post about it all!

Next blog post will be shared on Friday! Let’s Stay Connected > Facebook Page SJ’s Obsessions.

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