#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso | BOOK REVIEW + New INK

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Not so long ago I was feeling quite low and in need of some inspiration. So I took myself to the American Book Store in The Hague, it has an amazing variety of books that are English. But I also went because I was always a little book worm 🙂

While at the book store I approached one of the workers and she was willing to help. I went prepared with a list of books that I was recommended by friends but almost none of the ones I wanted were in store or nor were they attracting enough. However, she took her time and gave me a few must-reads for a person with my need of being ‘INSPIRED‘…

Anyways let’s just get to the review of #GIRLBOSS! It was one of the books that I had heard a lot about and was recommended to read. Overall I enjoyed the book, it is clear and the layout is easy to follow. It keeps you interested and the sections have a flow that is very much understandable. What I most liked about #GIRLBOSS is how she included quotes and testimonials from other successful bloggers, fashion-stylist and others in the field of fashion. This gives the book a texture that makes you want more.

If I read the book daily I could have been finished with it in about 1 week and a half or two max. But it took me a bit longer because I read it once I was in public transportation, like on my way to work. (It is my favourite time to read :))

I would not recommend this book to someone who is looking for Sophia’s key to what made her the success she currently is. #GIRLBOSS included the steps that she took and the way in which she stumbled into the success. Sharing more of her own personal story and not that which could be yours. Also a point that I can see that others would not enjoy are the quotes because some find them to be foolish but I personally love them!

Am I nourished with inspired after reading #GIRLBOSS?

Yes I am! As I read I continued to feel like yeah go out and continue doing the things you love. And if you love something don’t let “simple” happening bring you down. This book gave me a little push that I needed and I can see myself reaching for this book to have a look at the quotes or testimonials she included.



Side cover of #GIRLBOSS.


Shot of the testimonials of #GIRLBOSS.


Creative beginning of a section in #GIRLBOSS.

Also another highlight of my week is my new #Tattoo! It says GOOD VIBES. which is permanently a reminder to myself. For starters I love the quote and I was inspired by DeJ Loaf because she also has one on her wrist including the same text and typography. I am absolutely inlove with my new ink! 🙂


My new tattoo.

Now I am onto the following book that I picked up. [THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE] This book was also recommended to me by the lady at the store. Have you read it? And were you extremely inspired or sorely disappointed by it?


Next book I am reading.

Until next time!


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