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Hi Beautiful,

First & foremost I would like to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope all that is positive finds its way to you along with happiness. Thank you also for following and keeping up with my blog and obsessions!

Even though some find it cliche when others share resolution for the new year but I think it is good to make personal goals for the new year. I do make them every year for myself and keep them in saved as notes in my phone.

Some of my goals for 2015 are as follows;

  • Love myself more
  • Finish my Bachelor study
  • Continue to work hard
  • Eat clean
  • Travel 2-3 times in the year

Another challenge that I participated in last year and want to also do this year is the 52 Week Money Challenge. This is a challenge where you start with 1 during week one. Then, you increase the savings by 1 each following week. That means in week 37 you save 37 and on week 52 you save 52. At the end of year and challenge you have saved away €1, 378.00.  Who doesn’t like saving money and having a large sum of money to use for future needs. You can find more information about this challenge by making a quick googl search of it.

What are your goals for the new year? Are there any challenges that you are looking forwards to participating in?

Love always,


Birthday Gifts to Myself

Hi Loves,

Thought it would be nice to upload a post without you expecting it. 🙂

I truly believe that the best birthday gifts are the ones that YOU buy yourself! And as per usually I got myself not one but two gifts this year. I went for the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens and Oppilas Wireless Shutter Remote Control. After having my Canon 700D and the kit lens I thought it would be a great idea to step up my game up and add a lens to the family.

I can not exactly remember how the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens became the lens of my obsession but it could have been through YouTube, but then again isn’t that where we get almost all the things we want from?! Anyways, I have been asking around and talking to some photography enthusiast and they all recommend me getting my hands on this particular lens. The main reason they recommend it is because you can “get more light into the camera, while having the wide apertures create a great shallow depth of field”…. Sounds like (blah, blah, blah) but I can see the difference between a kit lens compared to the 50mm.

Adding to me getting myself the 50mm lens I looked into purchasing a remote for my camera because I have been using the timer or just being silly and snapping the picture myself. (hahha) Just imagine my behind the scene (BTS) picture….no comment! So I got me the best one the guy in the shop recommended for my camera the Canon 700D. With having these different equipment I am just a sucker for greats pictures that scream quality.

Top 4 reasons why I got the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

1. It is affordable

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM goes for about €130.00. This maybe the best price you will ever get a lens for. The other ones are not really mentionable!

2. Professional quality

Do not let the fact that the lens is affordable sway you away from thinking the quality of the images captured will change because of this. It has the same or even better quality pay of then that of the kit lens!

3. Compact and light weight 

When you first place this lens onto your camera you feel an immediate difference with the weight compared to the kit lens.

4. Bokeh effect (Bloggers/Vloggers <3 this)

Who does not love the outline of focus circles and blur background? This makes for the best product picture because you are allowed to get up close and into the item in item.

If you have any tips on how I should use my new lens please so share. Below is some pictures of my new addition 🙂


Love always,


HAPPY BIRTHDAY & Weekly Obsession

So my 23rd Birthday was on Thursday DECEMBER 10th and like every year I get very emotional days leading up to my birthday. Being away from family, previous memories of my birthday and even the feeling of being alone. I know that it is not good to feel like that on my birthday and I should be happy for the extra year and for even life itself but usually I do not feel like that (another time I will make a post about emotions)….

For my birthday this year I got to see my new home that I will be getting next year and then I spent time with friends and family. It was great to get to see my house because this will be my first ‘Home’ while living in the Netherlands. I usually live with someone (not really) but it is really complicated to explain to people because the person was never home. So I actually lived alone.

About a month before my birthday I searched on Pintrest for a cake inspiration because a birthday is not complete without a fab cake! 🙂 The one I picked I sent to a couple from Saba that is living in the Netherlands. They have their own catering service called Love & Food Catering. You should check them out if you live here their creations look amazing but also taste deliciously. What I got was a double layered vanilla cake with white chocolate butter cream frosting in the turquoise colour and a dozen red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing topped with a cherry (YUMMY) Their red velvet is AMAZING, so soft and velvety. Their prices are also very much affordable and can be found on their website.

So for this week’s weekly obsession is my ever so yummy birthday cake and cupcakes.

Below I have added some pictures of my treats for you my lovely readers to visually enjoy. Don’t forget to check out LOVE & FOOD CATERING on FB as well & place your order.


IMG_8832 IMG_8835 IMG_8836 IMG_8858 IMG_8859 IMG_8860 IMG_8862

Weekly Obsession | My DIARY

Hi There,

Ughhhh, last week no obsession was posted! My bad I was so busy and had no time to make a make a post. However, I am sharing with you this obsession of mine. It is my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly obsession: My DIARY! For as long as I know I have always had a diary that I made weekly or daily entries in. When I was back home on Saba I took a look at some of my old entries from 2005 and even earlier, all I could do was laugh. I always wrote about what I did and drew pictures next to it to symbolise that special day 🙂

I have always had a love for writing and it all started with my personal diaries. Now that I am older and have a lot more responsibilities I use my diary even more. It is used to write down important appointments, up-coming events, my work schedules, dates I have classes on and even recalls of my day. Diaries are just a must for EVERYONE! I know for sure I feel lost if I leave it home, I can not live without it.

I purchased the one that I currently have back in January of this year at V&D, & it is from the brand Paperchase. The great thing about this one (like most) is that it is in English and comes with the weeks of the year listed below, a list of international holidays and important dates. I am in love with the fact that the space given on the dates is also the perfect size.

Seeing that there is only a few more weeks left in this year, I soon need to get my hands on a new diary. Do you know of any places that have trendy and urban diaries? Leave them below & I will for sure be checking them out 🙂




Love always,


DC Pearls

Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean 2015 Evening

Hi There,

This past Saturday was the Pearls of The Dutch Caribbean 2015 – Gala & Awards Show. As I previously shared I was nominated and in the category of Student. However, I did not win 🙁 But on the bright side winning was not the most important aspect of the evening for me because I was contented with the fact that I was nominated!

Seeing that I double booked this day with the Party Over Hair Event I decided to not go and just attend the Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean. I still feel a bit disappointed in myself because I could have mingled & networked with likeminded beauty/fashion enthusiast….ohhh well next time.

The whole evening of the Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean was a great first time experience but I felt that different areas could be developed a little more. But I think that the organisation will ask for feedback and make the right adaptions for the next time.

Ending I would like to congratulate all my fellow nominees and the winning nominees of the Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean!

Enjoy the pictures I took of the evening below 🙂

Francis Sling is the artist that created all the artwork seen below. I am also thinking about purchasing a work of art from him, they are AMAZINGLY MADE!

IMG_8573 IMG_8576

IMG_8578 IMG_8579 IMG_8582 IMG_8583 IMG_8588 IMG_8590 IMG_8591 IMG_8594 IMG_8597 IMG_8603

Love always,



Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean 2015

Hi Beautiful,

Great New! Like I previously mentioned before I was nominated for the Pearl of the Dutch Caribbean. In the category of Student from the Dutch Caribbean. There are seven different areas that have 5 nominees. The given areas can be seen below;

  1. Socially
  2. Science
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Arts & Literature
  5. Sport
  6. Music & Entertainment
  7. Student

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Tropical Summer Vacation|Vlog 3


I know, I know….it has a month since I am back from vacation & I am only now uploading my last Vlog of my Tropical Summer Vacation. But life happened and I was not feeling motivated to upload anything. During my vacation the time it took to upload really turned me off. I mean do you think 3 days to upload one little video is normal? (LOL)

Anyway, in this my new video I share some beautiful scenery from the islands Saba and St.Maarten. I must say I dearly miss the clear blue skies 🙁 Oh well I have these videos to look back on the moments I had.

Enjoy! & if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask 🙂


Love always.


• Bloggin & Vlogging •• Schedule •

Weekly Blogging & Vlogging Schedule.

Hi Loves,

I think it is about time that I give my blog & channel a schedule!

My plan is to make blog post every Friday and upload a new YT video every Sunday. That should be do-able, right?! If there are any other special event I will be sharing them on Wednesday. That means weekly every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday you find a new post or video from me!

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Photo 08-09-15 20 14 41

Pictures of SABA & ST.MAARTEN.

Pictures of SABA & ST.MAARTEN

Hi Loves!

While on vacation in Saba I took so many pictures! I thought it would be a great idea to share some of them with. Below you will get to enjoy them, showing the scenery and floral on Saba 🙂

At the ending I have added a few pictures that I took on St.Maarten right before leaving to return back to the Netherlands. I miss being on the island with my family and friends. This summer was so much fun and I enjoyed everyday of it.

I hope my pictures give you a feeling of wanting to visit the islands as well! Let me know what you think about them!!

Love Always,


IMG_7750 IMG_7781 IMG_7712 IMG_7710 IMG_7696 IMG_7645 IMG_7665 IMG_7671 IMG_7676 IMG_7633 IMG_7631 2IMG_6854 IMG_6853 IMG_6844 IMG_6834 IMG_6774 IMG_6867 IMG_6861 IMG_7628 IMG_6842


IMG_7773 IMG_7750 IMG_7749 IMG_7746 IMG_7713 IMG_7783 IMG_7787 IMG_7799 IMG_7803

IMG_7844IMG_7833IMG_7832IMG_7816IMG_7810IMG_7510 IMG_7505 IMG_7503 IMG_7496 IMG_7511 IMG_7473 IMG_7491 IMG_7460 IMG_7457 IMG_7454 IMG_7450 IMG_7522 IMG_7519

IMG_7597 IMG_7589 IMG_7582 IMG_7609 IMG_7599 IMG_7951 IMG_7962 IMG_7943 IMG_7941 IMG_7940 IMG_7939IMG_8000 IMG_7970 IMG_7969 IMG_7967 IMG_8007 IMG_8017 IMG_8011 IMG_8018 IMG_8023 IMG_8025


Photo 08-09-15 20 27 14

Villages on SABA

Hi There!

So I am back with another post about the lovely island that I was raised on – SABA!

There are four beautifully unique is villages on Saba, namely The Bottom, St.John’s, Windwardside and Zion’s Hill.

The capital of the island is The Bottom, there you can find the Government building, the hospital and also the harbour. Moving up the island you get to St.John’s, where all the kids on the island go to both primary and high school. (There’s only one of each on the island. lol.)In the Windwardside you can find a variety of shops and restaurants. Last but not least is Zions’s Hill here is where everyone will experience that “I survived the Saba landing”. Saba’s airport is one of the shortest commercial runways in the world. (It is about 396 meters (1,299 ft) long)


IMG_7735 IMG_7757 IMG_7759 IMG_7762