About Sue-Jeen.

Hi Beautiful,

First & foremost welcome to my blog!

My name is Sue-Jeen Janga. I was born on the lovely island of St.Maarten and then raised on the Unspoiled Queen Saba. At the age of 18, I independently moved to the Netherlands to further my higher education. Presently, I am living in The Hague, The Netherlands and studying Communication Management.

Growing up I was always surrounded by cosmetics and this is because my grandmother is an Avon Representative. She sells makeup and skin care products as well as perfumes, colognes, and other cosmetic and household items. I always liked playing with items that she sold however I was never really allowed to use the makeup on myself.

After moving to the Netherlands something sparked inside of me that made me play around with makeup and cosmetics. I slowly started to become more obsessed with skin care, makeup and cosmetics in general.

All that lead up to a day in 2014 when I posted a question asking Facebook friends about what they would call me if I had a brand name. I got back many replies but there was one that stuck out to me. The name given by a family friend was, “SJ’s Obsessions”.

SJ being for my first name ‘Sue-Jeen’ and seeing that they are my obsessions I show ownership by adding the possession of these. Once this phrase was suggested I slowly started to love the sound of it. Seeing that I want to share with you all things that I am obsessed with I feel that “SJ’s Obsessions is the perfect name for my Blog & for all social media platforms I am on.

I have affection for all things related to hair, cosmetics, fashion, food and culture related. I enjoy trying new products and foods and well as meeting new people.

Lets stay connected & you will be able to see all things I am OBSESSED with!

Love always,


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