Welcome Beautiful!

I plan on sharing with you things I am obsessed with. Look forward to seeing all things related to hair, cosmetic, fashion, food and culture.

Why is your blog in English & you live in the Netherlands?

English is my native language and since it is my mother tongue I am more comfortable communicating in it. However, my comprehension of the Dutch language is quite high.


My camera used for images & videos is a Canon EOS 700D. I also use my Mac Book Pro 13″ and iMovie for editing videos.

Lets stay connected & you will be able to see all things I am OBSESSED with!

Love always,



  1. Hello Miss Janga…its very nice to see the initiative and work that you have put into this website!! you really show that independence in a young person is vital for their maturity!! continue striving for the best and achieving your goals.. Got your back 100% from “The Unspoiled Queen” 😉 <3

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